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Better sleep for you & your baby

Sensoria® Baby is a revolutionary new bodysuit that monitors babies while they sleep

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The Sensoria® Baby Bodysuit

Sensoria® Baby’s smart bodysuit is crafted with unique microelectronics and soft textile pressure sensors to alert parents of safety concerns as their baby sleeps. Parents can experience peace of mind knowing that our bodysuit is monitoring:

Breathing Rate

Parents will be alerted if their baby’s breathing rate drops below a safe level or enters an irregular breathing pattern.

Excess Pressure

Parents will be alerted if excess pressure is applied to the vital areas of the baby. For example, if a parent accidentally rolls onto the baby during a co-sleeping.

Sleep Position

Parents will be alerted if their baby rolls onto their stomach during sleep.


Understand how your baby is sleeping

The Sensoria® Baby app will help parents get a full picture of the quality and safety of your baby’s sleep pattern. The app pairs with the bodysuit’s FCC certified Bluetooth Smart enabled Sensoria® Core to collect and store data in a user friendly and easy to understand database. As parents, you’ve already got enough on your mind. You can now sleep well knowing that your baby is too!

The Sensoria® Baby bodysuit gives parents peace of mind knowing they are providing the best for their baby. This product is a life saver for both babies and their parents. 

Kevin & Jacqueline Furnari, Parents & Co-founders 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Sensoria® Baby bodysuit Measure?

The Sensoria® Baby bodysuit has been embedded with proprietary textile pressure sensors and coupled with a microelectronic device, the Sensoria Core. The bodysuit is capable of detecting the position of the baby, the respiration rate, and if excess pressure has been exerted on the baby.

Is the Sensoria® Core device safe?

The Sensoria® Core is a patented device that is FCC safe and tested.

What alerts will I receive?

Parents will be alerted via the Sensoria® Baby mobile application if:

  • Excess pressure is sensed on the baby
  • The baby rolls onto their stomach while sleeping
  • The baby's respiration rate drops to unsafe levels or becomes irregular 
Is the Sensoria® Baby app available for Android and iOS?

Yes, the mobile application will be available for both platforms.

Can I wash the Sensoria® Baby bodysuit?

Absolutely! Easily remove the Core from the suit and wash on a cold cycle. We recommend air drying.

Where can I purchase the Sensoria® Baby bodysuit?

Initially, the product will be available via our Kickstarter Campaign.

What sizes and colors are available for the bodysuit?

The bodysuit will be available in two different sizes, 0-3 months and 3-6 months. The bodysuit will initially be available in white, black, and pink.

How much will the Sensoria® Baby bodysuit cost?

The bodysuit will be available at a significantly discounted price during the Kickstarter Campaign. The expected retail price will be $249.